Wacoal Bra

Are you like many women who are constantly looking for a comfortable, fashionable, yet reasonably priced bra? Most of us would agree that having attractive lingerie like bras and panties help to increase our own self image, however most of us do not have the money to spend on designer brands. In answer to these needs, a company by the name of Wacoal has arisen. Their products are featured in the finest department stores and specialty stores across the United States; however they are not unreasonably priced. 

Wacoal America is part of multinational company whose headquarters, heritage, and creation developed in Japan. Wacoal’s designs are created with European fashion elegance in mind to address the attractive look that women desire while also implementing the comfort created in American bras. After nearly 50 years, Wacoal has become a leader in intimate apparel manufacturing in the United States, Japan, Asia, and Europe. It is world renowned for the best fitting, highest quality bras available in the world. Wacoal launched its product line in the United States nearly 15 years ago. Wacoal brought to the American consumer what was sorely missing in its marketplace, luxurious intimate apparel made from exquisite laces, embroideries, and the finest fabrics all tailored to create the perfect fit.

Many of the more elite manufacturers of women’s lingerie have a limited line based on size. Wacoal creates lingerie lines that fit almost any woman from a petite 32AA all the way up to a full sized 44DDD. Wacoal also designs and produces underwear and shape wear in complementary designs and sizes.

In addition to creating stylish lingerie for women to wear, Wacoal is also concerned about comfort and fit.  In order to help every woman get the best fit possible they created the silhouette analyzer to help each person know the perfect size of bra that she needs.