Lingerie Lines by Wacoal

B. Tempt’d

Have you ever wished to get back in touch with your younger side, the side of you that was optimistic and had a bright outlook on life? As adults, many of us want to feel young again but we are not sure how to do that. To address these desires by women, Wacoal has taken the time to create a line of bras and panties to help us get back in touch with our young and free side.
B. Tempt’d is the new and youthfully fun line of lingerie products being produced by Wacoal. This line was created specifically to reflect the youthful spirit that many of us long for. It consists of colorful options and playful trimmings of tulle, lace, and bows. There are various options to appeal to all different tastes and styles, such as animal print, bows, sheer, lace, mesh, babydolls, and garters. This line entices young women and women young at heart to “be tempting.” By including many options, it allows women to experiment with their own unique sense of style and allow them to be flirtatious. The B. Tempt’d line is available in a range of bra sizes from 34A to 36DD and panty sizes from small to large.
“B. Tempt’d maintains Wacoal’s trademark of fit and comfort while incorporating fresh and sexy silhouettes and styles.”


Are you searching for a sense of romance and classiness in your life? If so, the LUXE line by Wacoal might be the one for you. The Wacoal LUXE collection focuses on luxurious fabrics, exotic color shades, and beautiful shapes to give the wearer a sense of romance, glamour, and style. This line focuses mainly on lace, satin, and ribbons. All in all, it enables the wearer to feel like she is worth a million dollars or at least that she is able to afford the luxuries that the rich are able to buy.