Silhouette Analyzer

Other than designing and creating attractive and comfortable lingerie, Wacoal is also very focused on their customer service.  It is their goal to help every woman who enters their stores to have a wonderful experience and to be greatly satisfied with the bra that they purchase. 

Did you know that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong size bra?  In order to help women find the perfect fit in bras, Wacoal developed an advanced technology designed solely for the purpose of helping women find that perfect fit.  This technology is called the Silhouette Analyzer. 

The Silhouette Analyzer uses a computer to draw and analyze a woman’s shape.  Then a trained specialist fits the customer in a bra and panties that match her shape and while also meeting her personal shaping needs.  Then, the Silhouette Analyzer draws another silhouette for comparison which allows the customer to see the needs of her body both before and after wearing a customized lingerie outfit.  By addressing the needs of the customer and creating a bra that feels custom made for her, Wacoal has developed and continues to develop a strong and stable customer support, because each customer knows that she will be taken care of both now and in the future.